Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The vanity of Moses Chunga

In 2006 and 2007 Moses Chunga proved to himself and the rest of the world at large that he possessed the qualities most deeply cherished and respected by football pundits; outstanding personal courage and the ability to lead players out of discomfort and danger when he saved Dynamos and Caps United from the unforgiving jaws of relegation.      
He fully deserved the acclaims that greeted him and the blaze of decorations that recognised his gallantry. He was no longer touted as a promising coach; he was now in the league of the greatest.      
It meant that Chunga had stepped clear of the shadow that had always hindered him from turning shrewd tactics into positive results.     
In all it was a fateful legacy, it confirmed in Chunga’s mind that he was a man apart, a man of destiny. It bolstered his vanity; displayed in his obsession with self-praise – once claimed in a local paper that people hate him because he is a “yardstick for local coaches”.      
It confirmed in Chunga that he and often he alone knew best. It was he who would do the thinking and the deciding. No one else but since Dynamos and Caps United are clubs that do not allow their coaches to have a free, unsupervised reign Chunga left in a huff.         
After leaving Caps United Chunga 2007 revealed that he had quit coaching at club level and would only return to the job if he was offered an assignment with national football teams. 
 “I will not be involved in coaching clubs. I have just decided to retire because it’s just frustrating,” Chunga said then letting slip that he was now going to concentrate on grass root coaching.   
He did not stay away too long, adjusting himself to the role of coach of Lengthens in 2008 – the reason for his return? Apparently Ghanaian coach Ben Kouffie convinced him to rethink his decision. He chose to bounce back into coaching at Lengthens because he felt that the club would suit his demands: “Just like Jose Mourinho you need good eggs to make good omelette. So we will shop around for a few quality strikers.”       
Such sentiments made people believe that Chunga was finally home surprise in 2009 Chunga found himself at Gunners, a club that he had co-founded.  
At Gunners Bambo had more powers and influence than at any other club he had previously coached. And to his credit he did allow that to get to his head, with an occasional wobble he toed the line.        
The task suited him and he did it well culminating in him wrestling the league championship from Dynamos.    
While Elvis Chiweshe the Dynamos coach had to endure a frustrating season that had promised much but yielded little, Chunga fizzed to the top.
He was going to lead Gunners to the holy grail of the African Champions league. But Chunga being Chunga had a surprise for us, he quit the post without giving a reason and set up base at Shooting Stars, a club that he coached before.   
Gunners did well without him making history by being the first club in Zimbabwe to beat Egyptian giants Al Ahly 1-0 at Rufaro through a Norman Maroto strike. Unfortunately they failed to finish the job in Egypt as Al Ahly romped to a 2-0 victory, people believe that the score line would have been different had Chunga stayed but we will never know.    
Always emotional and often melodramatic throughout his career, Chunga has tended to swing between extremes of despair paraded in his almost hysterical demands as the Warriors assistant coach for the ZIFA leadership to quit live on TV and extremes of elation displayed in the theatrical celebrations of winning the championship after beating Dynamos 2-0.                                                      
That 2005 TV outburst did not go down well with the Rafik Khan leadership, which quickly moved to fire Chunga for lambasting it. Where ever Chunga has gone he has always left in a cloud of controversy. 
Witness his recent ungraceful departure from Caps United after a two-year love-hate relationship with Makepekepe fans. As he walked out the door he accused Twine Phiri, the club president of instigating his resignation.
“Twine Phiri never wanted me because I am a Dynamos son,” said Chunga with the taste of sour grapes still strong in his mouth.
He even had the nerve, in fact the stupidity to trigger his fall to grass from grace by calling Caps United fans “baboons” for giving him more jeers than cheers during his flirtation with the green side of the capital.
He was not wise enough to know that in order to win on the field and in the boardroom you had to capture the hearts and minds of supporters, the real owners of the club, whose every action the club could not ignore because doing so would have spelled disaster.
Adroit and daring as he can be Chunga is also headlong and precipitate. Temperamentally he is out of place in modern football. He does not see as the likes of Sunday Chidzambwa, Norman Mapeza, Charles Mhlauri and Rahman Gumbo see that modern coaching is a matter of argument, debate, co-operation and even compromise.                                                                                                                                     
In a nutshell, Chunga lacks the necessary humility to be more than just a good coach. Yes he launched the careers of the likes of Eddie Mashiri and Norman Maroto through his kids net project, saved Dynamos and Caps United from relegation before winning the league with Gunners, but his pride will always see him falling short of being out of this world.                      
Over the years the local media has been frank at times sympathetic to Chunga. But their analysis of Chunga’s coaching credentials so far hardly justifies the conclusion that he is a coaching genius second only to Chidzambwa. 
Surely if Zimbabwe coaching parallels are to be pursued there is less in common between Chunga and Chidzambwa. Chunga strives for greatness but because of his vanity he will always fall short of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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